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The Sri Lankan elephant is the largest of the Asian elephant; they have patches of depigmentation (areas with no skin colour) on their ears, face, trunk and belly.

PMGY have created a programme that allows you to work directly with this amazing animal, giving them the daily care and support they need.

This includes collecting and piling the elephant dung to use as compost, cleaning the elephant’s bed and helping with the harvesting of banana plants that we grow.

Over the course of your time on the Elephant Experience, volunteer in Sri Lanka participants are encouraged to learn and replicate the mahout’s use of unique command phrases to communicate with the elephants.

Be sure to keep an eye out for many of the wild birds and reptiles that you will also encounter on the safari as well.

Be sure to be up nice and early for this day as it is sure to be action packed!

Typically, coconut shells are used to scrub the elephant’s skin to ensure they are nice and clean.

The elephants enjoy this part of the day the most as it is like a massage for them!

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This can either be selected during the online application process or can be added at a later date.Given the history some of these elephants have had, we do not endorse or allow any commercial riding of the elephant to take place at the project.However, on your last day at the project we give you the option to climb aboard on an elephant in the river where you are able to make yet more amazing photos and memories!The activities you will be getting involved with on a daily basis include: Feeding – The elephants are fed twice a day and their main source of nourishment comes from the leaves and branches of trees.Some of the elephant’s food can be collected from the project land but the rest is collected from the nearby forest area.

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