Robomatic online dating

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I do really appreciate your article and I think CP users will love to see more articles on AI.

Best Regards Thanks for sharing this link, I read Pattern Expression matching behavior point.

" -------------- User: "Lets talk about football." (RSS Engine is working to get info.

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For now i have created few articles in polish including (specialy for game developers) article how to write own talking chatbot. As english isnt my native language, at begin i would like to sorry for breaking it, but i think(and wish), that some of you can learn something from there.It is only when you expanded it to show 1000 possibilities that its value would increase, ...temporarily, because it'll soon reach that limit and then its value will start bottoming out, ... But if the answer to limitation is continuous expansion, then the price for that approach soon showed it to be also wrong because it began getting (to the point of futility) to maintain that sort of growth (time-wise and money-wise).I think the answer is the INTERNET(The unlimited info.source), We are making RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Engines which extract the current events and save it to Robo Matic Database, also dealing with search engines, online dictionaries, encylopedias, IRC bots what is the change in the intelligence ...? from the Internet but it comes from the engines which analyzed the info. - make it in words (Vocabulary Database/Engine) so chatbot can understand more words. into categories (Stored Subjects Engine)so chatbot can understand the meaning of the word.

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