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People with big buckets, or a low-level of vulnerability, can cope with more stress while people with smaller buckets can cope with less stress.

Many situations in life stress us all out, like relationship problems, money worries or family problems.

Unresolved grief was at the root of their mental illness. Robert Stackpole, STD, director of the John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy, has written an excellent explanation of how our ancestors affect us.

God offers His children the means to become free from sin, bad habits and mental illness through the Church, prayer, confession but also through therapy. Triggers for mental illness can be as simple as increased stress or a lack of sleep to a more serious reaction to a traumatic event such as war or abuse, anything which throws off the chemical balance in the brain.

It is especially important for Catholics to understand the causes of mental illness, instead of judging those who suffer as lazy or at fault for some reason or other. Some people just need medication to balance their serotonin levels to heal mental illness just like some people need insulin.

Think of each person’s ability to handle stress as a bucket with holes in the bottom.

Some people, from stable home backgrounds with relaxed, cheerful temperaments, might have a large bucket to handle stress while others, who are high-strung or perhaps wounded from child abuse or an unstable home life as children, might have a smaller bucket.

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