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Watch Now Meredith and the team are focused on helping Owen’s sister after her shocking return, and Amelia faces a conflict over a patient.

Meanwhile, Bailey is forced to give Grey Sloan a facelift after the fire, and the doctors are introduced to a few new faces that spice things up around the hospital.

Amelia and Owen bring their personal problems into the hospital, while April explores some uncharted territory.

Watch Now A familiar face returns to Grey Sloan, throwing many of the doctors for a loop.

While Meredith and Nathan establish what’s going on between them, Amelia questions the state of her relationship with Owen.

Watch Now A car crash at a funeral brings a bickering family into the hospital.

Newlyweds Amelia and Owen host a dinner party with unlikely guests, and Jackson proposes an arrangement to help April through her recovery.

Watch Now When one of Grey Sloan’s own lands in the hospital, Bailey tries to figure out what happened while the rest of the doctors jump in to help.

Meredith juggles huge secrets that affect her relationships with Alex and Maggie.

Watch Now Alex tries to do the right thing but still cant catch a break.

Jackson and April adjust to their “new normal” with the baby.

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