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These particles combine with water vapor that condenses around these particles.

Had it not been for these particles, one hundred per cent water vapor could not form the cloud.

The formation of clouds is the consequence of the winds’ formation of the water vapor in suspension with the fecundating particles they carry.

Had the winds failed to perform this duty there would not have been any rain clouds.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the only relationship between the wind and the rain that was known, was the wind’s driving clouds.

The moment these bubbles burst, thousands of tiny particles, with a diameter one hundredth of a millimeter, are thrown into the air.The difference of temperature between the equator and the poles causes moderately blowing winds.If the topography of the world had been different, the winds blowing from the poles to the equator and from the equator to the poles might turn into ravaging storms.All these phenomena present a perfect design behind them and show that we are not abandoned figures.The wind, regardless whether it is a gentle breeze, a brisk northern wind or a sultry south wind, is designed by our Creator, governed by physical laws without which man cannot survive.

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